Ciye: Smart Glasses and Goggles for the 21st Century

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Ciye is a California company looking to develop smart glasses and smart goggles for competitive sports and other applications.




UI / UX Design & Strategy, App Development and Web App & Design

Screenshot of "Ciye" home page with a picture of "Ciye" goggles.

The Challenge

When we first heard about what the folks at Ciye were trying to do we got excited – really excited. Ever since the advent of the first smart glasses, we knew that the next “big thing” in wearables would be those that naturally augment our senses. The opportunity to partner at the forefront of wearable development and help influence the next generation of wearable technology really got us going. Smart glasses are still a very recent technology and the folks at Ciye were even looking to bring it under water with smart swim goggles. Any app we would build would need to leverage all the Ciye device’s capabilities to provide all the promised data to the user.


Creative Direction

Customer Experience Strategy

Responsive UX Design

Custom Development

Speed Optimization

Bluetooth BLE

Phone showing 4 different screenshots, consisting of a Welcome page, a Naming your goggles page, a Pair your Smart Goggles to the App page and instructional page.
Ciye "About Us" page with woman wearing goggles and swimming.

Our Solution

Creating an app for Ciye was one of our most exciting projects at Zetaton. The opportunity to work with a partner company at the cutting edge of technological innovation in aquatic sports demanded nothing but the best. We helped build an app with the user in the mind prioritizing stability and a sleek, intuitive UI/UX that lets the user focus on what they are doing – not on trying to figure out how the app works.


React Native



Java Spring Boot



Phone showing three different screenshots of explorable swimming workouts.


Mobile: React Native was used for building both the iOS and the Android apps. React Native is a cross platform framework that allows the generation of both apps from the same code base.  

Backend: Firebase, Nodejs, and Java Spring Boot on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) were used for authentication, push notifications, monitoring released apps, engaging the users, hosting, data processing, and several other services.

Database: Firestore was used to store all the user's data. We used functions and triggers to automate integration with mobile apps and other API services.

Indexing: Algolia was used for quick looks and auto-completion. Algolia was used to enhance the user experience while using the app.

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