Doctors For Syria: Telehealth and Remote Patient Management for Humanitarian Mission to Syria

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Doctors For Syria aids people in distress and victims of armed conflict in Syria. They provide their services irrespective of religion, race, gender, national origin, or political affiliation.


Doctors for Syria


App Development & UI / UX Design

Webpage showing "Doctors for Syria"'s home page displaying a small description of what Doctors for Syria is.

The Challenge

Healthcare in a warzone is nothing short of a Herculean challenge. Even with the dedicated efforts of international NGO’s and governments many needs still go unmet. Doctors for Syria's model is similar to Doctors without Borders where it provides telehealth services for people in distress as a result of armed conflicts. Doctors for Syria had volunteers who wanted to make a difference but could not travel to Syria to assist on the ground. Other platforms were either too expensive for a small volunteer organization or didn’t have all the features the healthcare professionals felt were necessary to help their patients in Syria.


Creative Direction


Customer Experience Strategy

Responsive UX Design

Custom Development

Speed Optimization


Phone showing 4 different screenshots, one showing video call between doctor and patient, another showing a list of doctors to choose from, a different one showing the chat between a doctor and patient, aswell as a list of prescriptions for the patient.
Laptop showing "How it works?" page for Doctors for Syria showing three different steps. Step 1- Sign up. Step 2- Create a case. Step 3- Get Feedback.

Our Solution

When we first heard the story of the dedicated professionals at Doctors For Syria it really touched us. We knew it wouldn’t be easy – designing an application designed to connect people in a warzone thousands of miles away, but Zetaton was willing to embrace the challenge. Telehealth is a technology just starting to enter the mainstream because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We designed an app and website that would allow patients to access the platform and schedule appointments and interact with doctors across the globe. Whether through video call or text-based chat, our solutions facilitate the seamless exchange of medical information and prescriptions while ensuring maximum confidentiality. Using the app, patients can look up the name of a provider by name or specialty. Providers can set their appointment availability to allow patients to schedule appointments during office hours. Providers can also organize patients into families and other groups. Finally, providers can prescribe medications to patients – directly in the application.







 Phone showing 3 different screenshots, consisting of the Doctor's home page, the doctor's prescription page, and completion of prescription page.

Technology Used

Mobile: Flutter was used for building both the iOS and the Android apps. Flutter is cross-platform framework backed by Google that allows us to generate both apps from the same code base.

Backend: Firebase was used for authentication, push notifications, web chat, monitor released apps, engaging the users, hosting, and several other services.

Database: Firestore was used to store all the user's data. We used functions and triggers to automate integration with the mobile apps and other API services.

Indexing: Algolia was used for quick looks and auto-completion. These time saving functions were used to enhance the user experience while using the app.

Indexing: Algolia was used for quick looks and auto-completion. These time saving functions were used to enhance the user experience while using the app.

Desktop showing "Doctors For Syria"'s Contact Us page.




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