Sydetasker: Gig Economy Marketplace Platform with a Regional Focus

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Sydetasker is a Wisconsin company which provides an online and mobile marketplace enabling users to outsource everyday tasks.


Sydetasker LLC


UI / UX Design & Strategy, App Development and Web App & Design

Laptop showing "Sydetasker"'s sign up page.

The Challenge

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Many people just need a little help with chores around home or work. Other people are looking to make a little money in their free time. The inspiration behind Sydetasker was making this simple connection. A Poster would post a task such as painting or mowing the lawn. A Tasker would see this job in the app or the website, then make an offer to the Poster. The Poster selects a Tasker based on rates and reviews. The money is held in an escrow account until the job is done and the Poster is happy with the result. Only then the money is released to the Tasker.


Creative Direction


Customer Experience Strategy

Responsive UX Design

Custom Development

Speed Optimization


Phone showing 4 different screenshots, consisting of "SydeTasker"'s welcome page, My Tasks page; As Poster & As Tasker, aswell as Explore page.
Laptop with screen showing home page of Sydetasker webiste displaying cleaning, photography, admin, yardwork and other categories.

Our Solution

After meeting with the team at Sydetasker, Zetaton was chosen to provide a complete digital experience. Zetaton provided UI/UX design, stylistic rules, and a cutting-edge app and website. Users can sign up for Sydetasker using their email or social media account (Google, Facebook, or Apple). We partnered with an online payments platform to handle charges processing and the virtual escrow accounts.








Three screenshots from the mobile app Sydetasker. Showing a plumber fixing a pipe and a list of tasks.

Technology Used

Mobile: Flutter was used for building both the iOS and the Android apps. Flutter is cross platform framework backed by Google that allowed us to generate both iOS and Android apps from the same code base.

Backend: Firebase was used for authentication, push notifications, web chat, monitoring released apps, engaging the users, hosting, and several other services.

Database: Firestore was used to store all the user's data. We used functions and triggers to automate integration with the mobile apps and other API services.

Indexing: Algolia was used for quick looks and auto-completion. These time saving functions were used to enhance the user experience while using the app.

Payments: Stripe (a leader in the payments industry) was used to securely facilitate payments, hold funds in virtual escrow accounts, payouts to Taskers, and other money transfers.

Conferencing: TokBox was used to allow users to communicate using audio and video calls.

Colin Milligan

Co-Founder Sydetasker

“I loved working with Zetaton for loads of reasons - especially for Sydetakser. We wanted our app to have great design while accomplishing a great user-experience. They lived up to their name and exceeded my expectations.”




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