Un Paso Adelante: Innovative Branding for a Classic Shoe Brand

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Un Paso Adelante is a European company that has been producing women’s leather shoes for more than half a century.


Un Paso Adelante


Branding, Logo design.

Un Paso Adelante logo with U and antlers surrounding.

The Challenge

Creating a new visual identity and packaging for an established company with a long heritage.


Visual Identity



Social media strategy

Phone showing 4 different screenshots, showing "Un Paso Adelante"'s instagram page, one instagram story, and two instagram posts.
 Image of "Un Paso Adelante"'s shoe box with the logo on the box and wrapping paper.

Package Design

The task was to create a shoe box that would build on the long-standing traditional design. The pattern of the tissue paper communicates a sense of luxury and style similar to luxury branded leather products. The stylish yet understated shoebox is forest green reminiscent of sylvan living, again emphasizing the natural construction of the shoes. The result is a package of understated luxury that instantly communicates that the purchaser has invested in a quality pair of European shoes.

Our Solution

Working with an established brand like Un Paso Adelante, we needed to refresh the visual identity of the company without losing any of the existing brand awareness. Our designer approached designing the logo in a way in which the spirit of tradition and heritage would be felt. Deer antlers embody the natural materials used as well as the old-world craftsmanship that goes into making every pair of Un Paso Adelante shoes. The stylized U monogram provides instant brand recognition to discerning customers who know and love the brand while piquing the curiosity of people new to the brand.




2266 N Prospect Ave
Suite 606
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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1700 Post Oak Blvd
Suite 600
Houston, TX 77056

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